Ella Mitchell
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Photographic Services


L-R: Jimmy Bartel for Alannah & Madeline Foundation, Dr Nicole Kalms for Monash University,  Anna Quayle for Mount Zero Olives, Emily Collett for Tenant Magazine, Dr Deb Roberts for SoS-Care, Travis McAuley for Mount Zero, Zoe for Clare & Jim Mitchell Crow, Richard Seymour for Tenant Magazine, Clara Reeves for Creative Victoria, Julia Ostro for Mount Zero Olives, St Kilda Festival couple for Tenant Magazine, Kieran and Paul Carpenter for Wedding, Johanna Scott for Digital Pictures; Kevin Worrell 2018. All images by Ella Mitchell ©



L-R: Meg in Tokyo; Road, Wanaka NZ; Tree, Wanaka NZ; Old car and Boab tree, NT; Oasis, Bungle Bungles NT; Steps, Paris; Metro Sign, Paris; Holocaust Memorial, Berlin; Bikes, Tokyo; Luna Park, St Kilda; Picasso Exhibit, NGV Melbourne; Yachts St Kilda Harbour;  Girls on Balcony, St Kilda. All images by Ella Mitchell ©



L-R: Bottles, Long Island NY; Shelley Panton Pottery; Art installation, Ai Wei Wei, Brooklyn Museum NY; Octopus, Hellenic Republic Melbourne for Mount Zero; Chickpeas, Hellenic Republic Melbourne, for Mount Zero; Port Phillip Estate, Red Hill. All images by Ella Mitchell ©


*Cover photos taken in the late 60s by my father Dr Robert Mitchell of my mother.